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As the players enter the "casino" they are greeted by the croupier who explains the rules for the different games to be played.

Together they set up the roulette, the deck of cards, the dices,

the chips and... Bingo!

They start to play, guided by the croupier.


Who will win the Jackpot? Who will have a Royal Flush?

Might someone have Beginner's Luck...?


At the end of the party they participate in an auction for the prizes to be taken home by each player.


Musical Games

Magic Show

Balloon Sculptures


The party will be led by an experienced actor

trained to entertain and work with children.


We can also provide:

 Decorations for the party

/ Fishing game with surprises to be won or a lottery / Snacks

a Pinata filled with surprises


Price: 195 € for three hours

+ 3 € per child for the Prizes to be won


+33 9 52 75 96 31 - +33 6 04 01 25 54

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