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Once the children have had their

fingerprints taken by the detective,

they join the police investigation squad and

start working on solving the crime....

Together they draw up a list of suspects, but

one of the witnesses seems to be the culprit.


Do we have evidence?

Who could solve the mystery?

Who could bring the pieces of the puzzle together?

Let's see if we can crack this case!


Puppet and/or Magic show


Balloon sculptures


The party will be led by an experienced actor

trained to entertain and work with children.


We can also provide:

 Decorations for the party

/ Fishing game with surprises to be won or a lottery /

a Pinata filled with surprises


Price: 195 € for three hours


+33 9 52 75 96 31 - +33 6 04 01 25 54

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