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The actor or actress, dressed up to play the part of a

fairy, clown, magician, prince or princess

will welcome the children and

offer to add some spark to their attire with make-up.


The actor will organize a set of games adapted to the children's age:  


- team games, to be played indoors or out doors

 (personalized with the help of a "secret questionnaire" that we will send you beforehand)

- musical games 


Together the group will make a giant artwork

for the birthday boy or girl or make masks


Puppet or magic show

Balloon sculptures

Treasure Hunt


The party will be led by an experienced actor

trained to entertain and work with children.


We can also provide:

 Decorations for the party

/ Fishing game with surprises to be won or a lottery /

a Pinata filled with surprises


Price: 195 € for three hours


+33 9 52 75 96 31 - +33 6 04 01 25 54

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