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Terms of Sales

Dianniversary: ​​children's party animation at home

The 1901 Dianniversaire association offers party activities for its members. These animations are intended mainly for a public of children.

Booking of the animation at home

The booking request for an organization of a children's entertainment or a show for children must be made by phone or email.
The reservation sent to you by email must be sent by e-mail with a mention of validation by you at least one week before the scheduled date of the event. Dianniversaire reserves the right to accept it or not, especially according to the available places.

A membership of 50 € is requested worth down payment
No date can be blocked without the effective reception of your validation, the Reservation and this deposit.

The Reservation is a document of legal and commercial value and commits both parties to respect its contents.

Dianniversaire can not be held responsible for the possible unavailability of a date for an animation or a show for children.

Exceptionally, for reservations validated within one week of the event, membership can be paid on the day of the event with the express agreement of Dianniversaire listed on the Reservation.
Any change of schedule of the children's party must reach the birthday by phone or email at least 48 hours before the date originally planned.

Any change in the date of the children's party must reach the birthday party by phone or email at least one week before the date originally scheduled.

Transport and displacement:

Travel expenses included in the Reservation to be validated are to be paid directly to the comedian (s). They are calculated on the basis of the distance from the nearest agglomeration (except in the case of national partnerships).

Conditions of the animation:

All children's animation formulas are calculated for a maximum of 12 children; a supplement of 5 € is required for each additional child with a maximum of 15 children. Beyond that, a second comedian is needed, up to 25 children. Beyond that, a third comedian is necessary; the whole can be the subject of a particular agreement especially when the number of children exceeds 24.d


4. Cancellation conditions:

- Cancellation between 30 and 15 days before the animation: no fee will be charged.
- Cancellation 7 days before the animation: 50% of the total amount of the service will be charged.
- Cancellation 3 days or less before the day of the animation: the total amount of the service will be charged, except in case of force majeure provided by the law.

5. Safety of materials and people:

Dianniversaire can not, in any case, be held responsible for the possible deterioration caused by the participants with regard to the infrastructure of the place of the animation, the material installations and the bodily injuries suffered by the individuals present during the event. event object of the Reservation.

The representative (the H / F animator, the comedian) does not have a child caretaking role and is not responsible for it at all, his / her role as an artist is limited in the execution of the animation according to the conditions established in the Reservation.

Dianniversaire declares to be holder of the license of Entrepreneur of Shows, to have taken out a liability insurance and to be up to date of its contributions.


Sarl Scop The Great Giraffe - Dianniversary

La Sarl Scop La Grande Girafe has the same object for all publics and can provide the same service by requesting the services of the Association Dianniversaire by using its name.

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale are the same as those mentioned above for the Dianniversary Association.

La Sarl Scop La Grande Girafe is also the holder of the License d'Entrepreneur de Spectacles.

It delegates to the association Dianniversaire the execution of the animation of the party, object of the reservation. The association Dianniversaire takes care of the service in the conditions of responsibility described above.